Blogs We Love

Not only do we love blogging, but we love reading other people’s exciting and often inspiring experiences. Here’s a list of the blogs that we seriously love to read:

- 1000 Fights
Husband and wife Mike and Luci write about their hilarious, and definitely relatable, experiences of fighting with each other all over the world. They were the first bloggers who contacted us about our own blog, and we ended up meeting them for a great dinner during our trip through Boise.  

- Discovering America’s 58
A family blog about traveling to each and every one of America’s 58 National Parks. We met Anthony and his three children while we were in St. George, Utah, ironically right before we were set to visit our first of many National Parks on this trip, Zion National Park.  

- nod n’ smile
Travel blogger Lanthy contacted us for an interview for her “He Said/She Said” article on her website. She told us that she wanted to gain some insight into traveling as a couple, because she was getting ready for a round-the-world trip with her fiancee. We were drawn into her website after that, and enjoy her willingness to admire some of the little things in life.   

- Midlife Roadtrip
Husband and wife travel bloggers with some great videos. We love their NUTS (Not-so Usual Therapy Session) Twitter chat Tuesdays at 3:30PM ET. 

- yTravel Blog
A couple of Australian travel bloggers, we’re impressed by their website design as well as their awesome podcasts! 

- The Workout Girl
Not only do we personally know this health and fitness blogger, she was our first Guest Post. We love the variety of her easy-to-follow workout routines, complete with graphics of Barbie doing the workouts!

- Nomadic Matt
Nomadic Matt currently ranks #2 in the travel blogging world, but his story kind of reminds us of ourselves. A few years ago after his first trip abroad, he was hooked and just decided to “go for it”, traveling around the globe and building up his website. It’s always good to have someone or something to aspire to.  

- Traveling Canucks
We’ve been hooked on these traveling Canadiens after reading one of their posts about beer, an easy way to our hearts.

- LSA Dean’s Young Alumni Council Blog
We’re both University of Michigan graduates, and part of the LSA Young Alumni Council. This is their blog, complete with recent graduate stories, campus goings on, and a guest post from us!