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OKC Teems with Cultural Activity

As we planned our trip across the country, we felt that allocating two whole days to Oklahoma City was going to be plenty of time. When you think about the state of Oklahoma, you probably don’t think of a bustling metropolis teeming with cultural activity. This, however, would be a gross misunderstanding. As we’re learning [...]

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States #16-20 in Photos

I promised you another helping of photos. They really should have gone up yesterday, but Mark and I didn’t clearly communicate with one another and I dropped the ball. (Two juicy relationship tips: Learn how to be an effective communicator &  admit fault when you’re wrong) So, a day late, I present to you MIMMA: [...]

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States #11-15 in Photos

Ahh, it’s been awhile since the last photo update, but the long wait is over. With no new sporting event until March 17, you can look forward to another state photos post next week. Hooray! Email subscribers, be sure to “view images” or click through to the website to be able to see the photos! [...]

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First Five States in Photos

We are officially 12 states in! I’ve taken approximately 7,000 photos. 90% of them end up deleted or banished to a life of neglect on the external storage devices, the the other 10% include decent pictures…and ones that are below. California Ahh California. This photo is from the International Surf Festival Charlie Saikley Six Man [...]

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Happy Anniversary, Mark!

Three years ago today I married the man, the myth, the legend, and my best friend, Mr. Mark T. Slattery. In honor of this occasion, I have for you, dear reader, seven key plays from the famed Mark Slattery’s Playbook for How to Score a Wife. It details all you need to know to land [...]

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Detour: Detroit

Recently Mark and I ditched The Highland Flinger in a Phoenix Airport Parking lot and took flight to Detroit where we played some featherbowling. You’ve never heard of featherbowling? That may be because Cadieux Cafe in Detroit is the only place in the United States you can partake in the Belgian delicacy.     It’s [...]

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Baseball: America’s Past.

With the Detroit Tigers down 2 games and playing Game Three at home against the Texas Rangers tonight, this is likely the worst time for me to admit that I hate baseball. I know, but before you call me anti-Detroit or un-American, please hear me out. I’ve thought about it a lot over the last [...]

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Reno Air Race Tragedy

Absolute grief. There’s nothing else I can say to describe the way I’m feeling over the tragedy at the Reno National Championship Air Races yesterday. We were there Thursday, truly amazed by the planes and how strong and beautifully they handled, speeding, looping and twisting to the awe of the fans. Today we are deeply [...]

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Sanity Tried in RV Prep

I have a lot to write about. I’ve been busy. Really, really busy. Since I met a man named “Thomas,” my life will never been the same. Good ol Tommy sold us the RV we’re now traveling in. Mark and I rolled up to the LA valley one fine afternoon to meet Tom and see [...]

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Jackie’s Top 5 RV Concerns

I came home today after a long day at work and noted Mark’s shoes blocking the door. Oddly in a cheery enough mood to pick up smelly sneakers, I decided to take them to his closet. Then I noticed the socks…then the pants. As if I were following animal tracks, I followed the path of [...]

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