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Friday Night Lights – Seattle, WA

This is America. It’s education. It’s community pride. It’s camaraderie. It’s teamwork. It’s competition. It’s entertainment. It’s America. The memories of days past gone by flood back into my consciousness, which is triggered by the sights, smells, and sounds around me. The sight of a Jesuit high school, its brick buildings, clean classrooms, and courtyard [...]

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Mark’s Top 5 RV Concerns

The (still to-be officially named) RV has its own generator. You turn on and use the generator when you’re parked and the engine is off so that you can still utilize everything you want in the “house” section of the RV. If you’re not at an RV park, the generator is the only thing keeping [...]

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One man’s plea: Keep the NBA in the USA

I love basketball. Playing, coaching, and watching, it’s the perfect sport. It’s a sport that exemplifies the peak of human evolution. Hand-eye coordination and dexterity, physical stamina, both offensive and defensive abilities, mental strategy, and at its peak the height of humanity’s physical ability are all showcased through basketball. Even more than baseball and football, basketball [...]

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Wannabe Sports Know-It-All

I love sports. Mostly watching them, sometimes playing them, and always knowing them. I tried my hand at almost every sport out there, with basketball, football, and soccer being the mainstays throughout the years. I would shoot baskets in the backyard before and after school almost every day, and would play on nearly five different [...]

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