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Not-So-Great Moments In Black Friday History

Attention Black Friday Shoppers:

It is NOT OK to trample your neighbor running into a store, fight with people over a discounted towel rack, or participate in “Occupy Best Buy” and camp out in front of the store for an entire week. Where are the limits for “places you can set up a tent and camp in front of”?

What is it about saving a few bucks that makes people go insane? We like a good deal as much as the next person (and trust us, we’re searching for them at every turn), but this Black Friday stuff is out of control!

People are literally DYING by getting trampled, being arrested for getting into fights in stores, and places like Walmart are setting up triage units at their stores as well as having ambulances on site. It might be time to reevaluate your store policies when you’re setting up triage units. This isn’t war people, you’re buying a toaster oven.

While we avoid the chaos, here are some not-so-great moments in Black Friday history (email subscribers, please open in browser):

Can people literally not wait until the enter the store to start running and pushing? Not only that, but once somebody is one the ground, what sane person’s first instinct is, “I should just walk right over this guy”?

OK, now you’re in the store after trampling over people to get in. What do you do now? Obviously, it’s time to attack the store workers as they bring out items, and then attack other customers if you didn’t get what you wanted.

Fighting over parking spots? Why don’t you just take the best one available, in the middle of the store.

And who can forget the classic story of a father who needs to get that special gift for his kids and finds himself in the middle of holiday shopping chaos.

Hopefully you’re avoiding the dehumanizing events of the day and shopping from the comfort of your own computer. If so, please consider shopping with any of our partners: AmazonGroupon, REI, Busted Tees, as well as online ticket outlets Razorgator, TicketLiquidator, and Ticket Solutions. Click these links or any banner/ad on our website before you shop, and we’ll receive a portion of the sale that helps support our project.

And if you miss out on Black Friday, just remember, there’s always Cyber Monday.


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