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Playlist- Idaho

Verbose as we are, there is no way we can spend the next year constantly yelling talking to each other. Terrible as it may sound to the ears of an outsider, singing as loudly as possible is a frequent occurrence in The Highland Flinger (THF). We will make a playlist of what we’re slappin’ the air bass to. Each list will contain songs from artists/bands from the state or will allude to the state in some way.


1. Paul Revere & The Radiers- Kicks
Paul Revere formed the band in Boise, and the band has stuck around so long that it now boasts nearly 30 former members.

2. Built to Spill- Liar
You have no idea how many things are built to spill in a moving RV. Not my best pun, but it’s funny cause it’s true.

3. Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home
Nikki Sixx grew up in Idaho, where he was a teenage vigilante. Somehow he turned that into a make-up wearing glam rocker with a female name.

4. Josh Ritter- Idaho
Two things: Yes there is a Moscow in Idaho, and Ritter grew up there. And secondly, he started his musical career by playing the lute.

5. Idaho- To Be the One
A band from LA named Idaho. You do the math.

6. Hot Buttered Rum- Idaho Pines
I’ve never had hot buttered rum, but I can tell you that it most certainly does not sound like a bad thing.

7. The Ramones- Danny Says
It’s always nice to get a British band on the playlists, even if this song is about the band lamenting the fact that their manager “Danny” is making them go to Idaho.

8. Lynyrd Skynard- What’s Your Name
An entire song about having sex with a girl, forgetting her name, but trying to get her to stay anyway. Oh the 70′s…

9. B-52s- Private Idaho
I bet you didn’t know that the B-52s had more songs than just “Love Shack” and “Roam”. Well, they do!

10. Train- Idaho
After driving so much of the country, we keep asking ourselves, “Why doesn’t the US have a better passenger train system, like Europe?” The next presidential candidate to promise a train system to every major city in the US gets my vote.

11. Oysterband- Everywhere I Go
According to Oysterband, God likes guns, doves are hawks, and Jesus walks in Idaho. Good to know.

12. Randy Newman- I Miss You
No, you’re not watching Toy Story. Although, it’s kinda hard to tell.

13. Afroman- Idaho
Warning: This is extremely explicit and yet the most dumb and hilarious thing we’ve ever heard.

14. BoDeans- Idaho
Yep, BoDeans sings the theme song from “Party of Five”. Why was Neve Campbell always so sad on that show?

15. Jeffrey Foucault- Idaho
Five songs titled “Idaho”. Bet you didn’t see that one coming now did you?


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2 Responses to “Playlist- Idaho”

  1. On December 18, 2011 at 4:47 am CPP responded with... #

    Re #7: The Ramones are from Queens. Saw you on the news in Fargo during the ND leg of your trip. Good luck.

    • On December 18, 2011 at 5:01 am coupleofsports responded with... #

      Thanks CPP! We’re having a great time in ND! The Ramones are indeed from Queens, but that particular song is about their manager forcing them go to Idaho (which we found very nice).

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