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Verbose as we are, there is no way we can spend the next year constantly yelling talking to each other. Terrible as it may sound to the ears of an outsider, singing as loudly as possible is a frequent occurrence in The Highland Flinger (THF). We will make a playlist of what we’re slappin’ the air bass to. Each list will contain songs from artists/bands from the state or will allude to the state in some way.


1. Frank Zappa- Montana
We’ve been asked to send someone some “Montana Dental Floss” as sung about in this song. If only we knew where it was sold…

2. Hannah Montana – The Best of Both Worlds
MMA & MOTORCROSS. Best of both worlds.

3. Pearl Jam – Why Go
Bassist Jeff Ament is from Big Sandy, MT. According to Pearl Jam expert Dave Steger, this is one of PJ’s most bass-y songs.

4. Emily Osment- Lovesick
She was on Hannah Montana. We thought that people wouldn’t like this one, but turns out many of our friends have this entire album…thank goodness for Spotify.

5. Youth Lagoon- Montana
Beautiful song with a sad video. Really keeping things upbeat here on the playlists!

6. Emmylou Harris with John Denver- Wild Montana Skies
Montana is known as “Big Sky Country”. And when will another artist corner the “songs about states” market like Denver did?

7. Foster the People- Helena Beat
Helena, Montana maybe?

8. Brice Ash – Billings, Mt
A couple things about Billings, MT: It’s the states biggest city, and as one person told us, “It’s cold pretty much the entire year”. Alrighty then.

9. David Guetta- Glasgow
So, these beats were likely created in homage to the fine city in Scotland, but we think the people of Glasgow, MT could use a good dance party to warm up this winter.

10. Tristeza- Missoula
Sometimes you just need some music with no singing. Although I wonder how they come up with names for their songs?

11. Pearl Django – Missoula Flood
Jackie has an affinity for strings.

12. The International Playboys – The Give a Shitter Is Broken
Story of my life…

13. The Skoidats – Last Night
Their music is so good, that a CD costs $199.99 on Amazon!

14.Silkworm – Wet Firecracker
This song is a paradox, both in name and in tune.

15. Tim Ryan – Say Goodbye To Montana
We said goodbye to Montana after only 3 days. What we found was a state that was more about its landscape than its cities. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time for that landscape, but will need to make a return trip to places like Glacier NP.

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