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Verbose as we are, there is no way we can spend the next year constantly yelling talking to each other. Terrible as it may sound to the ears of an outsider, singing as loudly as possible is a frequent occurrence in The Highland Flinger (THF). We will make a playlist of what we’re slappin the air bass to. Each list will contain songs from artists/bands from the state or will allude to the state in some way.


It’s Christmas week, so it’s only appropriate to start off with few North Dakotan seasonal delights:

1. Lawrence Welk – Ring Those Christmas Bells
Both of us have only rang Christmas Bells as part of our elementary school holiday concerts. We wore white gloves and took Christmas sweaters seriously.

2.  Shannon Curfman – “Please Come Home For Christmas”
More like, “Can we please go home for Christmas?” More on this RV drama tomorrow.

3. Personalisongs – Merry Christmas North Dakota
They can play this song a lot longer in North Dakota, because it looks like Christmastime for nearly half of the year up here.

And now for the non-seasonal selections:

4. Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden
Fun fact! The state flower of North Dakota is the wild prairie rose.

5. Jonny Lang – Breakin’ Me
Oh Jonny Lang and your blond flowing locks, plump lips, and  soulful voice. After learning of the heavy German and Norweigian presence in North Dakota, perhaps we could have guessed you were from there.

6. One Night Stand in North Dakota – If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be in the Angry Dome [Explicit]
Jackie has now designated a section of the RV as her angry dome. The section above the driver and passenger seats is a perfect size spot for her to crawl into, close the curtains, and take some “alone time”.

7. Barenaked Ladies – Adlib (Live from Grand Forks)
Front men (at the time) Steven Page & Ed Robertson go off on a rocking tangent about Grand Forks. This concert was held at The Ralph, which is an impressive arena where we saw the Fighting Sioux play! Ralph Engelstad and his family made an impressive donation to the University of North Dakota, that continues to keep giving. You can read more about that here.

8. Frank Sinatra – I Got A Gal I Love (In North And South Dakota)
We met some new friends in North and South Dakota, so now we do, too, Frankie Blue Eyes.

9. Soul Asylum – I Can See Clearly Now (from Album “After the Flood: Live From Grand Forks Prom”)
We were completely unaware that there was a huge, town destroying flood in Grand Forks in 1997. To be fair, we were both 13 and wouldn’t exactly describe our 13-year-old selves as informed on current events. We toured Grand Forks with Sandy Dobremier of the Grand Forks Convention and Visitor’s Bureau who lived through the flood and gave us a very detailed account. Regardless of the damage, Sandy said the area was able to see the beauty in the event: New parks were created, world-class technology was implemented in old buildings and other infrastructure, and possibly most importantly, there were no deaths caused by the flooding.

10. The Swamp Kings – Red Pepper
We were told by a Twitter follower to eat at the local Grand Forks establishment, Red Pepper. And so we did. We like it when people talk to us on Twitter.

11. Sleepy Driver – North Dakota
Sorry, North Dakota, but it is very easy to become a sleepy driver on some of the stretches of highway across the state. This is why music playlists are necessary!

12. Shannon Curfman – What You’re Getting Into
We didn’t really know what we were getting into when starting this trip and often have no idea what’s around the corner. New theme song?

13. Thrush Hermit – North Dakota
Sometimes we feel like hermits when we’ve spent too many hours driving in The Highland Flinger.

14. White Shield Singers of North Dakota – Arikara War Dance
The Dakotas are home to many Native Americans, and war songs like this one are still played during powwows.

15. Bobby Vee and The Shadows – Take Good Care Of My Baby
Bobby Vee is from Fargo, ND, and had the unenviable task of replacing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper at their gig after they perished in a plane crash.

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