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Playlist: Oregon

Verbose as we are, there is no way we can spend the next year constantly yelling talking to each other. Terrible as it may sound to the ears of an outsider, singing as loudly as possible is a frequent occurrence in The Highland Flinger (THF). We will make a playlist of what we’re slappin the air bass to. Each list will contain songs from artists/bands from the state or will allude to the state in some way.


1. The Kingsman - Louie Louie
The ultimate classic. You know the words. Well, kinda

2. The Decemberists – Down By The Water
See where all of our follies lead.

3. Everclear – I Will Buy You A New Life
Reaching all new meaning as I sit here typing eating rice and beans.

4. The Helio Sequence – Everyone Knows Everyone
Great listening to them when on a long drive or just need to get away and space out.

5. Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
Our friend Andy’s favorite karaoke song.

6. Loretta Lynn (with Jack White) – Portland Oregon
I think this one is about some place in Oregon

7. Mat Kearney – Hey Mama
Great song, even better video:

8. Esperanza Spalding – Wild Is The Wind
While we were equally as shocked when the Biebs lost best new artist at the Grammys this year, there is no denying that Esperanza Spalding has supreme talent. At age 20 this chick was already teaching at Berkeley.

9. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Kicks
Top 500 Songs from Rolling Stone..and we’ve never heard it til now.

10. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot
Throw me a bottle of beer! (Not too hard, I wanna drink it.)

11. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Mark almost never feels like dancing. Ironically, he does to this song.

12. The Shins – Caring Is Creepy
So, Oregon isn’t the Garden State, but wasn’t it like so awesome when you heard this song through Natalie Portman’s headphones?

13. Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite
…A bit of a stretch. Tommy Thayer, current lead guitarist hails from PDX.

14. Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Speaking of which, I think I need some nu shooz after the Warrior Dash.

15. Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama
Who wouldn’t wanna take their mama out all night?

Leave a comment below and tell us what songs you think we should’ve included!

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