States #21-25 in Photos


In Key West, roosters abound. We took 80 photos of roosters while in the “Southernmost City” of the United States, but this one is my favorite. I imagine this is what the world would look like after an apocalypse where only roosters (and hens) survive and rise to reign as the animals in control. They roam the streets among human artifacts which are re-appropriated as magnificent crowing structures. Burning of KFCs and Chik-Fil-As are commonplace and the Tottenham Hotspur F.C. flag  is instated as the symbol of the new world order.

More Florida pictures
Daytona 500 Post


Stuff in Texas is big, including this rocket, Saturn V. Saturn V (“Saturn Five”) was used in the Apollo missions. This actual model did not make it into space. It was built for Apollo 18 or 19, which never went up due to funding issues. People use the word amazing a lot these days, but it truly was AMAZING. Our jaws dropped as we jogged around it like excited children, which wasn’t the least bit embarrassing because all of the other adults on our tour did, too.

Tejas Tourista Pictures

Houston Rodeo Post


We really like the idea of random buffalo sightings, real or not (see HERE and HERE). While walking through Oklahoma City, we happened upon this fine specimen, part of the Spirit of the Buffalo public art project. It began in Oklahoma in 2004 and ended in 2006 with local artists designing each bison. The adorned buffalo are still placed throughout the entire state of Oklahoma either at their original “corral” location or at their sponsor’s building. You can see artsy buffalo from the project here.

You down with OKC? Then here are some more pictures!
Oklahoma City Thunder Game Post


Ahh statues. We like them. The Keeper of the Plains stands at the convergence of the Little Arkansas River and the Big Arkansas Rivers. You could also say that this statue is the symbol of our halfway point. In terms of states visited, Kansas was 24/48, which was fitting, since Kansas also houses the middle point of the United States in the city of Lebanon.

…and we only took 5 other pictures there.
Wichita Wild Post


We did not realize such a science existed, but as pollo consumers we should be happy that it does. It definitely would burn in the rise of the roosters, though.

Arkansas Pics
University of Arkansas Softball Post

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