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Couple of Sports is seeking a variety of sponsorship opportunities to assist with expenditures for their 400 day RV trip across the country in which they visit or participate in a sporting event in each state. Couple of Sports’ mission is to provide vicarious enjoyment of the United States of America and its sporting events through original media content. The website (, social media, and news outlets currently help tell the story and the adventure will be re-told in a memoir. Sponsors have a multitude of opportunities to be recognized by a wide audience throughout the United States through website advertisement, events, and signage on the actual RV. Please see the media kit document for complete demographic information, itinerary, and recognition ideas.

Contact Couple of Sports for one of the best and most cost-effective sponsorship opportunities of the year.

Media Kit Document


Couple of Sports would like to thank our generous Kickstarter contributors. Without you, we would never have been able to see our vision and ideas put into action. A very sincere thank you to:

Carol Pickle, Taylor Slattery, Chris Erickson and Jill Slattery, Kyrsten Rue, Gregg Combes, Andres Cuadrio, Ruthie Zelmanski, Alyssa Marks, Scott Cohen, Cara Canady, Brett and Brigid Bingham, Gary and Carol Erickson, Pat Canfield, Laura Gorman, Cindy Rees, Kelsey Davidson, Matt and Stephanie Mitchell, Michael Byer, Dawn Toler, Julie Zacarias, Doug and Judy Marks, Steve Flisler, Linda Van Heule, Kathleen Dugan, Nadina Bourgeois, Trish Procetto, Jamie Freidman, Leanna, Kristin and Adam Keefe, Lachlan Cameron, Ajit Gogawale, Jason Erickson, Rachel Greenberg and Brandon Rasmusson, Justin Kanter, Rick Ferguson, Justin Street,  Allie and Rich Nemesi, Mandy Miller, Lori Dyckson, Adria Smith, Colleen and Clayton Packard, Nick and Maryanne Best, Dave Steger, Chantelle and Sheldon Allen, Francesca Noyes, Tyler Slattery, Mary and Rich Marthe, Shelley Moore and Virg Ianni, Pat Slattery, Jenna Noss, Rich and Debbie Nemesi, Emily Work, Travis and Elizabeth Macaluso, Rick Billups, Graeme Miller, Chris and Jen Hankinson, Liz Bernick, Andrea Betts, Meghan Wood, Michael Kweitko, Peggy Fallows, Tracy McTrusty, Clayton Fisher, Jenn Wong, Mike Gould, Dick and Kathy Moore, Frank Noyes and Silvana Fusco, Jackie Nemesi, Derek Slattery, Zac Rouse, Chad and Cara Slapnicka, Kevin Moriarity, Katie Karlson, Tiffany Wong, Sara Hensley, Kaylee Tersini, Jon Loewenstern, Linda and Ken Mirch.
Additionally, we’d like to thank the following organizations for their generous assitance:

Chat Sports, Inc., Rapid Fire Trivia, YMCA, Vail Valley Foundation, University of North Dakota Athletic Department, Red Rock Company, Warrior Dash, Lakota Nation Invitational, Crazy Horse Memorial, Delmonico Grill, Boomerang Hotels, French Creek RV Park

If you would like to be a contributing part of our project, we have various outlets for people to help us achieve success. You can help us with gas, food, RV upkeep, event costs, or just plain buy us a burger by donating below. Every cent goes toward our project in some way, and every donation of $10 or more will get you a postcard from the road!



Photo by Andrea Bricco / Red Loft Studios