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Top 10 Best Fantasy Football Team Names

It’s that time of year again! You can smell the metallic air being blown out of the side of your laptop; it smells like victory. While football players are honing their skills and sharpening their focus on the gridiron, millions of fantasy football players are readying themselves for a daunting season ahead. On any given [...]

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Wichita Wild Football Game – Wichita, KS

Americans love football. We love it so much that we have leagues during our other leagues’ offseasons. We’ve got youth leagues, high school leagues, college leagues, professional leagues, semi-pro leagues, amateur leagues, EXTREME leagues, indoor leagues, and even a number of women’s leagues. Attach the word “football” to anything in this country (unless you mean [...]

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Wichita Wild Game Preview

When: Saturday March 24th, 2012 What: Wichita Wild vs. Allen Wranglers in an Indoor Football League divisional matchup. Where: Hartman Arena, Park City, KS Why: The Indoor Football League is a professional Indoor Football league created in 2008 out of the merger between the Intense Football League and United Indoor Football. Teams in 16 US cities play football indoors and give fans their [...]

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Green Bay Packers Game – Green Bay, WI

The “frozen tundra” definitely lives up to its name.  Large walls of snow swept across the highway as we made our way to the NFL mecca, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. In what seemed like a scene from Star Wars, the view through the windshield seemed as if we were traveling in hyperspace. Only [...]

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10 Things I’ve Learned – November 2011

Another month in, and another list of things that I’ve learned. This month saw us enter only 2 states (Nebraska and Colorado) and only have 1 official event. The winter months will be a little lighter in states and events, but we’ll still find the interesting aspects of states that we’ve never been to, visit [...]

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Itinerary Update: Events #12-16

We know, we know. We haven’t had in event in nearly three weeks, and our fabulous readers are nearly beside themselves with anticipation. Trust us, our itinerary is still packed with fun and exciting sporting events and competitions. The next 5 events that we will be attending/participating in showcase the vast differences between many regions of our [...]

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“Best of” Broncos vs. Jets – Denver, CO

Despite only one #15 touchdown at Mile High Stadium last night, Couple of Sports was Tebowing all over Invesco Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. We weren’t the only notable or fun loving fans, however. The following is a collection of other football characters we spied during Thursday Night Football.       [...]

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Nebraska Football Game – Lincoln, NE

We’ve already told you about the awesomeness that is collegiate football and tailgating when we detailed our Boise State experience, so with our second college football game within a 3 week span, we decided to make this a fact finding mission. Obviously, we watched some more football and partook in some more tailgating, but we also [...]

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Nebraska Football Game Preview

When: November 5th, 2011 What: The Nebraska Cornhuskers, currently ranked 10th in the BCS poll, take on the Northwestern Wildcats in a conference game during Nebraska’s first year in the Big Ten Conference. Where: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Nebraska. The stadium holds an ongoing NCAA record of 316 consecutive sellouts, which began in 1962. When full, Memorial Stadium holds more [...]

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Boise State Football Game – Boise, ID

We came for the blue field. Well, that and a football game of course. Boise State being in the middle of most college football conversations right now, it was a great time to check out the Broncos. Boise State went into the game rated #5 in the country, and are at the center of both conference [...]

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